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Intressanta länkar att besöka. Interesting links to visit.

What to do............................
  • "The Kingdom of Chrystal"
    We are situated close to all the glass-shops and factories.
  • "Golfcourse"
    The golfcourse is situated on the other side of "Kyrksjön", the lake. Please also welcome to visit: www.guedragolf.com(picture on frontpage is from the opposite side of the lake to our house) An extremely beautiful golfcourse. Whorthwile a visit even if you are a golfer or not................
  • "Fishing-area
    In the area there are many fishing opportunities. Maybe the community website can guide you further-or do fish in "Kyrksjön" for pike and pearch. We can help you to organize that. Either ordinary fishing in Spring/Summer or Ice-fishing in the winter.
  • Touristinfo
    This and the other museum in the surroundings: www.vissefjardahembygdsforening.nu  will make your stay here interesting. All this within walkingdistance of a few km.
  • "Canoing"
    A canoe-station is only 60 meters away from our house. Choose 23 for (Småland) and then 36 for (Lyckebyån Övre) to find the beautiful route in "Lyckebyån", the river. Safe journey!. Nur 60 meter entfernt: ein Kanustation. Für diese zu finden, wählen Sie bitte: 23(Småland) und 36 (Lyckebyån Övre). Schöne reise!
  • "Gallery"
    During the Summer we have also got a very nice Gallery, "Galleri Klättorp", in the village. Among other things, nice paintings and glass-works is exhibited.
  • "Shopping"
    Not huge shoppingfascilities in the village - Vissefjärda, but we do have got: foodstores, flowershop, hairdresser, petrolstation, "Biggans" which is our allround-shop, restaurant at the golfcourse, our local footballground, swimminglakes, and some more. Klättorp is abt.2 km from Vissefjärda. It is max. 45-50 minutes drive to get to 3 major towns. Kalmar/Växjö/Karlskrona. Only 12 km to Emmaboda centre. And do not forget Öland, the summerisland.

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